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Fred Phillips (USA)

  • Professor at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • Editor-in-Chief of "Technological Forecasting and Social Change" (SSCI)
  • Visiting Scientist at theChinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing
  • 2017 winner of the Kondratieff Medal
  • Senior Fellowat the IC2 Institute ofthe University of Texas at Austin, and a PICMET Fellow
  • Presentation Theme: "Science, Technology, Leisure, and Fear: A story of Interconnections"(Abstract)

Philip Cooke (UK)

  • Professor, Bergen University College, Norway
  • Editor-in-Chief of European Planning Studies(SSCI)
  • European Parliament Regional Development Committee, till 2019
  • Official Adviser to European Parliament Regional Development CommitteeAward in 2015
  • Presentation Theme: "Alternative Failures and a Success for Planning Green Urban Settlements"(Abstract)

Keun Lee (Korea)

  • Professor, Seoul National University/Vice Chair of National Economic Advisory Council, Korea
  • Editor, Research Policy, Associate Editor (Industrial & Corporate Change)
  • Winner of the 2014 Schumpeter Prize
  • President (2016-18), International Schumpeter Society
  • Presentation Theme: "From Catching-up to Convergence of the Latecomer Firms: Evidence from the Korean firm data"(Abstract)

JinHyo Joseph Yun (Korea)

  • Tenured Principal Researcher, DGIST & Principal Professor at Open Innovation Academy of SOI
  • The founder of Open Innovation Dynamics; The author of Business Model Design Compass
  • Organizing President of Society of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity(SOI)
  • Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity(JOI)
  • Presentation Theme: "The Comedy of Commons: Democratization, Participation, and OI with Sustainability"(Abstract)

KwangHo Jung (Korea)

  • Dean, Graduate School of Public Administration of Seoul National University, Korea
  • Professor, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Executive President of Society of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity(SOI) from 2021
  • Presentation Theme: "Identifying the Diverse Effecteds of Innovation from Natural Experiments" (Abstract)

Natalja Lace (Latvia)

  • Professor, Riga Technical University(RTU), Latvia
  • Head of the department of Corporate Finance and Economics of RTU
  • Presentation Theme: "Crisis-resilience of enterprises and overcoming the negative consequences of COVID-19"(Abstract)

Alexander Brem (Germany)

  • Endowed Chaired Professor and Institute Director at the University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Honorary Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, dENMARK
  • Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management
  • Presentation Theme: "The Digital Revolution in Innovation and Entrepreneurship"(Abstract)

Giovanni Schiuma (Italy)

  • Full Professor in Knowledge and Innovation Management, LUM University, Italy
  • Head of Engineering Management program with specialisation in Digital Management
  • Chair of the International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics (IFKAD)
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Tampere

Venni V Krishna (India)

  • FASS at the University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Editor-in-Chief of Science, Technology and Society(SSCI)
  • Former Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
  • Presentation Theme: "STI Policies and the Rise of Chinese Universities: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategies" (Abstract)