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The Contest for Global Innovative Cases of Open Innovation and Business Model
We search for your creative cases of open innovation (OI) and business model (BM) for overcoming the growth limit of a capitalism era.

1. Date: June 15, 2015 (2nd day of the conference)

2. Venue: International Conference Hall (B/D: R1, R#: 203)

3. Topics of the Contest

  • Innovative Cases of OI
  • Innovative Cases of BM by (Preparatory) Entrepreneurs
※ Applicants are recommended to, in advance, apply for patents for the Business Model cases that are to be submitted to the contest to make those under legal protection as intellectual properties

4. How to Apply

  • To join this contest, please register the conference first
  • For submission of your work, you can use the submission system
  • Your work should be approximately of 10 pages in MS Word or 20 slides in MS PowerPoint.

5. Presentation at the conference

  • Presentation of 10 mins.
  • Q & A of 10 mins.

6. Awards

The awards will be granted in each section as follows:

  • Large company section: within three teams
  • Small and Medium-sized businesses section: within three teams
  • Preparatory entrepreneur section: within three teams
※ The award consists of certificate of award, a plaque of award, prize money.
※ The number of members in a team is not restricted.
※ If there are no work that meets a certain level of qualification, there could be no prize-winning ceremony

7. Awards Committee

  • Korean/International professors, researchers, entrepreneurs will make up the committee.

8. For any inquiries regarding the contest, please refer to the following email

  • Email:, Phone #: +82-53-785-4411