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This platform is designed for those who have economically valuable, innovative and practicable intellectual assets to sell, and those who have bottlenecks in their businesses or in the process of commercialization, expecting to overcome technological limitations inherent in the ideas they have, and to complete their business models. This platform consists of three sub-categories: Free Exchangeable Knowledge, Protectable Knowledge, Protected Knowledge.

Free Knowledge Platform

  • Members can share critical issues of open innovation and related cases of enterprises, articles, books, and reports, allowing other members such as businesses, researchers, and policymakers to make the best use of them to practical purposes. Thus, members are encouraged to upload as many but meaningful materials as available fitting to the Society of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity.

Protectable Knowledge Platform(Asker-Answerer)

  • In principle, askers can post any questions or technological bottlenecks related to their businesses possibly required for consultancy in a closed/open method. The areas, for example, could be on the issues of national management, company start-ups, company management or anything related to business. Then the answerers can actively respond to the demands, or the answerers can anytime upload their intellectual assets for sale.

Protected Knowledge Platform(Seller-Buyer)

  • The potential sellers who has business model patents or technological patents can suggest the application scopes of their intellectual assets or commercializable areas on the basis of his or her patents portfolio and can post the sales notice that contains necessary information on his sales conditions at the same time. Then the potential buyers can actively respond to the sales.
  • The buyers can invite the sellers of business model & technological patents by advertising what they seek for.
  • The relevant deals among members totally depend on the pure willingness of the members concerned.